22+ Monthly Expenses of Owning a French Bulldog

Written by Dr. Marcelle Landestoy, DVM

FRENCH BULLDOG looking at the camera

Many people want to know how much it will cost them before investing in a new pet.

Dogs have extra expenses, and some breeds are more costly to own than others.

So, are French bulldogs expensive?

It is expensive to own a French bulldog, especially if they have allergies, medical or dental problems, or need special attention. Generally, the cost of owning a French bulldog is just as much as any other breed.

Keep reading to discover what you need to properly care for a French bulldog and how much it will cost you monthly.

Food and Supplements

It’s best to feed your dog dry food (kibble) because it will get more nutritional value per serving and eat less.

Canned dog food is mostly water, so your dog will need to eat more to get the same nutritional benefits.

French bulldogs typically don’t need any supplements, and they should get most of their nutrients from a premium kibble.

However, they should be on a primarily meat-based diet. It’s possible to feed your dog a raw meat diet but consult with your veterinarian first to decide if it’s a good choice for you and your Frenchie. 

Additionally, some French bulldogs have food allergies.

Marcelle Landestoy with a french bulldog patient

Therefore, you should monitor your dog closely if you change their food. If you think your dog has food allergies, consult your veterinarian.

Most French bulldog food is about $3.80 per pound.

Therefore, buying French bulldog food in bulk is more cost-effective because you’ll pay less money per pound.


French bulldog puppies need a lot of food and calories to sustain their growing bodies and high energy.

A French bulldog puppy between 8 and 12 weeks old needs about 1 ½ cups of puppy food each day.

It’s essential to spread out their daily food portions into three meals to sustain their energy throughout the day.

So, it would be best if you fed your French bulldog puppy about ½ cup of dry kibble food three times a day.

ItemCostAverage Monthly Cost
French bulldog puppy food: 3 lb (1.36 kg) bag$25. Lasts about a week.Monthly $100


Adult French bulldogs have different nutrient needs, and active adult dogs will need more calories than stationary dogs.

Aim to feed your adult Frenchie about 2½ -3 cups of food per day. 

Most adult French bulldogs need almost 600 calories a day, while active dogs need around 800.

Adult French bulldogs can eat twice a day, so aim to feed your dog about 1½ cups each mealtime.

Your French Bulldog will likely consume less food if you feed it higher quality dog food.

Premium dog food is often more expensive, but it might balance out if your French Bulldog is eating less.

ItemCostAverage Monthly Cost
Adult French bulldog food: 17lb (7.71 kg) bag$65. Lasts about a month, depending on your dog’s serving size. $65


You should feed your senior French Bulldog about 25 calories for each pound that they weigh.

Aim to feed them about 2-3 cups of adult dog food a day, depending on their energy needs.

ItemCostAverage Monthly Cost
Adult French bulldog food: 17lb (7.71 kg) bag$65. Lasts about a month, depending on your dog’s serving size. $65

Grooming and Hygiene

French bulldogs don’t require very much grooming. Because they are short-haired dogs, they don’t need frequent haircuts.

However, you should brush them about once a week and wash their face frequently.

Their wrinkles are prone to bacteria, so check them about twice a week.


How often you bathe your French Bulldog depends on their individual needs.

Baths are essential to help maintain healthy skin and fur for French bulldogs, and if your dog is active and frequently outdoors, you’ll need to bathe them more often.

If your dog mostly stays inside, they can go about six weeks without a bath. 

Be careful not to overwash your dog. The most you should bathe your French Bulldog is about once a week.

Some products you’ll need if you choose to bathe your dog at home include:

ItemCostAverage Monthly Cost
High velocity dryer$117One time purchase
Facial cleaner$17$17
French bulldog shampoo$14$14
French bulldog shampoo conditioner $14$14

Nail Trimming

All dogs need regular nail clippings. It can be painful for dogs to walk with long nails.

It’s also difficult to gain traction on wet or slick surfaces with long nails.

So, it’s best to give your French bulldog regular nail trimmings.

You should clip your French Bulldog’s nails once every few weeks.

If your dog walks on concrete often, you won’t need to trim them as frequently because concrete acts as a natural nail file.

If you can hear your dog’s nails touching the ground, it’s likely time for a trim. French bulldogs need their nails trimmed about as often as other dog breeds.

Getting your dog’s nails trimmed at the groomer can cost $9 and $30 each trip.

You can purchase an electric nail file for around $20 to trim your dog’s nails. Electric nail files are much easier to use than traditional nail clippers and can help save you the trouble of clipping your dog’s nails.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Nail clippers:$26 -$50One time fee

Hair Care and Trimming

Because French bulldogs have such little hair, they don’t require frequent cuts or trims.

It’s recommended not to trim your French Bulldog’s hair so they can maintain a healthy coat.

Therefore, you should only shave or trim your French Bulldog’s hair if your veterinarian recommends it. 

Dental Care

French bulldogs are prone to many problems with their teeth.

They have small mouths, which can cause overcrowding, and makes them more prone to getting food stuck in their teeth

Poor dental grooming can lead to gingivitis, plaque, tartar, and infections. 

Because French Bulldogs are prone to plaque and tartar, it’s crucial to brush their teeth about three times a week, more often than many other dog breeds require.

Brushing your French Bulldog’s teeth will keep their cheeks, gums, and tongue clean and healthy.

To brush your French Bulldog’s teeth at home, you’ll need a dog-specific toothbrush and toothpaste, dental wipes, and dental spray for hard-to-reach areas.

Also, consider using dental sticks or high-quality kibble to keep your French Bulldog’s teeth strong.

ItemCostAverage Monthly Cost
Dental wipes$13$13
Dental spray$5$5

Special Care

French bulldogs can have sensitive skin, and they’re prone to skin allergies.

Allergic Dermatitis is common among French bulldogs, and a veterinarian needs to test your dog to confirm it has that allergy.

Monitor your dog for rashes or frequent scratching. 

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Allergy testing$200-$300One time fee
Allergy treatment$600-$1100One time fee

Veterinary Care

French bulldogs are prone to many allergies. They’re also subject to skin infections, heat strokes, and hip dysplasia

Checkups and Vaccines

You should take your French Bulldog to the vet about twice a year for a checkup.

French bulldogs need a DHPP and Rabies vaccine when their puppies.

Later on, they will also need booster shots of the same vaccines. 

They need to get another DHPP vaccine every one to two years and a Rabies booster every one to three years.

Check with your veterinarian to see which vaccines your French Bulldog needs and what the state requires.


French bulldog puppies need to go to the vet about once every two weeks to get updated on their booster shots.

They can receive their first vaccine at around six weeks old.

After that, they’ll continue to need boosters. Vaccines are essential to every puppy’s health, so vet visits for vaccines are essential.



Adult dogs should get a checkup about twice a year, but they can get by with just one checkup.

They’ll need a DHPP and Rabies booster every few years or so.

Your vet will keep track of your French Bulldog’s vaccinations, so you don’t have to worry about knowing which booster is needed before appointments.


As dogs get older, they might need more frequent checkups (depending on their health and condition), and French bulldogs are no exception.

Senior dogs are more likely to have health issues.

Therefore, it’s important to regularly take your senior dog to the vet for checkups and vaccine boosters.

ItemCostAverage Monthly Cost
Routine vet checkup $50One time fee, twice a year


Insurance is a smart choice for French bulldog owners because they’re purebred animals and are more prone to general health issues.

Health insurance can help offset the cost of expensive vet bills when your dog needs to undergo major surgery.

Some surgeries can cost up to $7,000. Most pet insurance policies cover dental procedures such as crowns and root canals and treating ailments like Entropion and Intervertebral Disc Disease, which are common fin French bulldogs. 

So, consider checking out the following pet insurance programs to see what’s right for you: 

ItemCostAverage Monthly Cost
Pets Best insurance$24$24
AKC insurance$29$29
ASPCA insurance$40$40

Pet Supplies

French bulldogs are relatively low maintenance, so they don’t require many additional care items.

However, you’ll need to purchase a few basic supplies, such as bowls, a leash, and a collar to care for your dog.


Check out the following list of items you’ll need to care for your French Bulldog properly:

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Food and water bowl$5-$50 One time charge
Puppy pads$6-30 depending on the quantity in a package$30
Adjustable crate$40-$400One time fee
Harness$20-$60One time fee
Collar$10-$35One time fee
Leash$10-45One time fee
Teething toys$7-$36 eachOne time fee


You can purchase a few additional supplies for your French Bulldog that aren’t completely necessary but will improve its quality of life, such as a grooming brush.

French bulldogs don’t do well in heat, so it’s important to brush them regularly during the summer so that they stay cool.

Here are a few other things your French Bulldog might enjoy:

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Dog bed$15-$400One time fee
Nose butter: Helps fight against Nasal Hyperkeratosis in French bulldogs, moisturizes its nose and seeps deep into its nasal tissue.About $10$10
Wrinkle wipes. Help clean the inside of your dog’s wrinkles. About $20$20
TreatsAbout $12$12
ClothesAbout $15$15

Additional Costs

As with most things in life, owning a pet often has additional expenses that you sometimes forget about.

Keep reading to discover some additional costs of owning a French bulldog.

Dog Walker

A dog walker is an excellent option if you cannot take your dog on regular walks.

Giving your French bulldog daily walks is important to its health and overall well-being.

Consider investing in a dog walker if you don’t have time or are physically unable to walk your dog regularly. 

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Dog walker$30-$60 per hourAbout $300 per month


If your French Bulldog has separation anxiety, it might be good to enroll your dog in a doggy daycare where they can be around other animals.

Just like humans, dogs need socialization. Daycare is an excellent option for dogs whose parents spend long hours out of the house.

If you don’t want to leave your French Bulldog home all day, consider daycare options in your area.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Daycare$13-$40 per dayAbout $250 per month

Dog Hotel or Dog Sitting

Hiring a pet sitter is another expense you’ll need to consider when bringing home a new animal.

Dogs can’t be left home alone overnight, so you’ll need to budget for a sitter. 

Many dog hotels will house your pet overnight. Typically dog hotels cost between $75 and $100 a night.

Many people prefer their pets to be comfortable in their environment, so they hire pet sitters to watch them when they are away. 

How much you pay your pet sitter will depend on how long you’re away.

If you need someone to check on your dog or take it out briefly, you will probably pay under $50.

However, if you’ll be out of town for several days, you might pay a pet sitter several hundred dollars to watch your animal. 

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Dog hotel$75-$100 per nightOne time fee
Dog sitter$25-$35 per dayOne time fee


Dog training is a crucial part of raising a well-behaved dog.

Puppy training programs help socialize and train your dog simultaneously, and they can be highly beneficial for new pet parents. 

PetSmart offers affordable multi-week training that costs around $120.

Some individual training sessions cost about $50 per session, and you can even purchase private lessons for your dog.

ItemCostAverage Monthly Cost
Training course$120 One time fee


Microchips are a good investment if your pet ever gets lost or runs away.

A microchip will allow vet clinics to easily contact you should your French Bulldog disappear. Microchips cost around $30-$60 and are a beneficial investment.

ItemCostAverage Monthly Cost
MicrochipAbout $45One time fee

Monthly Budget of Owning a French Bulldog

Here’s a breakdown of estimated monthly or one-time expenses for owning a French Bulldog:

ItemCostAverage Monthly Cost
Adult French bulldog food: 17lb (7.71 kg) bag$65. Lasts about a month, depending on your dog’s serving size. $65
Food and water bowl$5-$50 One time fee
Puppy pads$6-30 depending on the quantity in a package$30
Adjustable crate$40-$400One time fee
Harness$20-$60One time fee
Collar$10-$35One time fee
Leash$10-45One time fee
Teething toys$7-$36 eachOne time fee
High velocity dryer$117One time fee
Facial cleaner$17$17
French bulldog shampoo$14$14
French bulldog shampoo conditioner: $14$14
Routine vet checkup $50One time fee, twice a year
Nail clipper:$26 -$50One time fee

Total aprox.: $148.33

Depending on your budget, owning a French bulldog might be expensive.

You can mitigate some of these costs by choosing the most inexpensive option when purchasing items for your dog.


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