19+ Monthly Expenses of Owning a Yorkie

Written by Dr. Marcelle Landestoy, DVM


Yorkies, also known as Yorkshire Terriers, are feisty little dogs with prominent personalities.

If you’re thinking about adding a Yorkie to your family, it’s a good idea to look into the monthly cost of owning one.

There are several factors to consider when budgeting out the addition of a new furry friend, including the necessities and your living arrangements.

It can be expensive to own a Yorkie, but it doesn’t have to be too costly. Depending on your Yorkie’s needs and your lifestyle, the cost is, on average, $180.46 per month.

In this article, I will break down the monthly cost of owning a Yorkie to help you determine if this breed fits your lifestyle.

I will also discuss all of the necessary and extra costs of owning a Yorkie, so you can decide if a Yorkie is the right dog for you.

Food and Supplements

Yorkies are small dogs, meaning they have small stomachs.

When you feed your Yorkie, it will never be a large amount of food.

Even when they’re in a stage of life that requires the largest servings of food, your Yorkie will still eat less than three-quarters of a cup of food per day.

Yorkies need to eat multiple times a day, an average of three to four meals.

They have high metabolisms that make them more susceptible to experiencing hypoglycemia.

Due to this, you want to ensure that the food is high in nutrients, and supplements are not a bad idea to have around.

Keep in mind that Yorkies tend to be picky eaters.

Their pickiness is another reason for having supplements on hand.

You want your Yorkie to be healthy and happy, and that requires some vigilance to make sure they’re receiving all the nutrients their body needs.


It would be best to feed your Yorkie puppy approximately four times per day.

Spacing these meals out is critical as your puppy has a lot of energy and is burning calories quickly.

Your Yorkie should eat around one-eighth to one-quarter of a cup per serving.

Look for puppy food geared towards small dogs; dry or wet food will suffice.

Using small dog puppy food will ensure that the food meets your puppy’s specific needs.

As long as you’re regularly feeding your Yorkie nutritious food, there are no necessary supplements at this stage.

The average monthly cost for feeding your Yorkie puppy will range from $20-$31.

Most dry food bags will last you a month. Depending on the brand and serving size, wet food containers may only last half a month.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Dry Yorkie Puppy Food$12.18-$23.29 per month supply$20
Wet Yorkie Puppy Food$28.32-$40.00 per month supply$31


As your Yorkie matures into an adult, the feedings can become less frequent, but the need for vitamins increases.

At this stage, you’ll want to feed your Yorkie two to three times per day, between one-sixth and one-quarter of a cup per serving.

The food should be tailored towards small, adult dogs. Again, you can use either wet or dry food, whichever your picky eater prefers.

Always talk to your veterinarian about what vitamins are recommended for your specific dog.

Still, a dog multivitamin is an excellent choice in adulthood.

The cost for dog food in adulthood is about the same as it was for the puppy stage; however, wet dog food becomes more expensive.

The added vitamins increase your monthly cost by approximately $16 per month.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Dry Food$17.18-$20.99 per month supply$19.22
Wet Food$40.56-$47.04 per month supply$44.81
Multivitamins$15.99-$26.97 per container$16.24


In general, senior Yorkies should eat around the same quantity of food and at the same frequency as in the adult stage.

However, older Yorkies often need more carbohydrates or slightly altered nutritional content in their food.

Talk with your vet about your particular senior Yorkie’s needs. Some vets may recommend a multivitamin explicitly geared towards senior dogs.

The monthly cost of feeding a senior Yorkie should be comparable to the other life phases.

However, food costs may increase, especially if you use wet dog food.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Dry Food$13.69-$19.94 per month supply$16.54
Wet Food$33.98-$54.58 per month supply$50.64
Senior Multivitamin$14.99-$35.99 per container$9

Grooming and Hygiene

Depending on your preference for your Yorkie’s appearance, you should take them to be groomed once a month to every other month.

Your Yorkie’s grooming and hygiene needs consist of baths, nail care, coat care, trimming, and dental care.

Due to their hair texture, their coats must be well washed and brushed to prevent tangles.

Yorkies are known for their luxurious hair, meaning you must brush their hair at least once a day, even if it’s short.


Bathing your Yorkie monthly or bi-weekly is essential, especially if you choose to grow your Yorkie’s hair out.

The long, silky hair easily gets matted and tangled, exposing them to dirt and bugs.

Yorkies aren’t super high maintenance when bathing compared to other dog breeds.

However, it would be easier to wash a short-haired dog.

If you decide to bathe your Yorkie at home, you must purchase shampoo, conditioner, and flea and tick shampoo tailored towards your Yorkie’s silky coat.

The initial cost of bathing supplies will likely add up to the price of one or two grooming sessions.

Thus, it will be more expensive in the long run to take your Yorkie to a dog grooming service, but you may find it’s worth the extra cost.

A grooming service will ensure that your Yorkie is well bathed and pampered.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Bathing Service$25-$40.99$32
Shampoo$6.17-$13.43 per bottle$1.50
Flea and tick Shampoo$8-$14.99$1.90

Nail Trimming

To keep your Yorkie’s paws and nails healthy, you must clip their nails once a week.

Dogs, like humans, have fast-growing nails. If you decide to trim your Yorkie’s nails at home, you can choose between nail clippers or nail grinders, depending on which feels most comfortable for you.

You can even opt to use both.

Nail clippers and grinders are a one-time purchase until they break, so it’s more economical to do this grooming service at home.

However, if trimming your Yorkie’s nails makes you nervous, you can always take them to a professional.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Nail Trimming Service$5-12$36
Nail Grinders$21.90-$29.90$2
Nail Clippers$6.99-$10.97$0.75

Hair Care and Trimming

Yorkies need extra special hair care because of their infamous locks.

You’ll need to thoroughly brush your Yorkie’s coat a minimum of once a day and multiple times a day if it’s long.

Depending on your style preferences, you’ll probably want to trim your Yorkies hair monthly or bimonthly.

All of your hair care and trimming supplies to do this at home are one-time purchases until they break, except for the hair detangler spray.

You’ll want to use this spray every time you brush your Yorkie’s fur to help with tangles.

This spray will need to be purchased approximately every three months.

As with other services, it’s more expensive to take your Yorkie to a groomer rather than doing it at home, but you may prefer to spend the extra money once a month to have their fur groomed well.

Professional grooming doesn’t replace the daily brushing done at home.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Hair Care and Trimming Service$27-$36$32.67
Hair Trimming Kit$20.99-$39.95$2.70
Hair Detangler Spray$10.99-$12.50$3.95
Pin Brush$13.99-$14.99$1.19

Dental Care

Small dogs, especially Yorkies, are predisposed to having dental problems.

If you decide to be a Yorkie pet parent, you’ll need to be extra vigilant about brushing their teeth every other day or daily.

Basic dental care requires a toothbrush and toothpaste. You’ll probably want to do this at home and will have to purchase these tools monthly.

It’s possible to have your Yorkie’s teeth brushed by a groomer, but you will be paying over a hundred dollars a month.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Dental Care Service$10-12$160

Special Care

All dogs need ear and eye care, but Yorkies need extra love on their ears and eyes because of their long coats.

For ear care, you’ll want to take a wipe to the inside of the ears, being careful just to hit the rim so as not to damage the ear canal.

Then remove any hairs growing inside the ears to prevent infections.

Eyecare is also very simple but essential. Wipe away any gunk around the eyes and keep the hair trimmed short. You can use your hair trimmers around the eyes.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Ear Care Service$10$40
Eye Care Service$5$20
Ear wipes$9.99-$16.97$1.14
Tweezer for plucking hairs$5.39-$11.97$0.79
Eye wipes $10-$18.11$1.10

Veterinary Care

Yorkies, especially purebreds, are susceptible to many genetic health conditions.

It’s vital to keep up with your routine vet visits and bring your Yorkie to the vet if you have any concerns to prevent any diseases from occurring or worsening.

Routine veterinary care for a Yorkie isn’t any different than most dog breeds.

Talk to your vet about how often you’d bring your Yorkie in for a checkup and routine vaccines.

Your vet will likely recommend routine heartworm and flea and tick treatment to prevent illnesses.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Heartworm Medication$10-12$11
Flea and Tick Treatment$26.97-$72 per package$9

Checkups and Vaccines

The number of times you take your Yorkie to the vet depends on their age and specific needs.

You may also have to take your Yorkie to extra vet visits for the proper timing of routine vaccines.

The cost of checkups and vaccines can vary depending on your vet and the health of your Yorkie.


When your Yorkie is a puppy, you’ll need to visit the vet around once a month for the first four months of life.

These visits are when your puppy receives most of the required vaccines like rabies, distemper parvo, kennel cough, influenza, and Lyme disease.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Routine Checkup$50-$250$150
Vaccines$60-100 in total$20-30


You’ll move to an annual or biannual checkup as your puppy matures.

At this appointment, your Yorkie will receive a physical examination and any tests your vet recommends to check their health.

Your Yorkie will also receive a booster vaccine for parvo and rabies every couple of years.

The cost of checkups and vaccines will vary depending on your veterinarian and the particular recommendations for your dog.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Routine Checkup$50-$250$12-13
Vaccines$15-28 per vaccines$3-4


As your Yorkie ages, you’ll probably have to bring them to the vet twice a year.

This extra visit ensures that your dog is healthy and addresses any health concerns.

Besides the occasional booster, your Yorkie will probably not require any additional vaccines.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Routine Checkup$50-$250$12-13
Vaccines$15-28 per vaccines$3-4


Pet insurance is a valuable asset for most pet owners, but it’s especially beneficial for purebred Yorkies.

Several genetic conditions could affect your Yorkie and, subsequently, your bank account.

Having pet insurance would help offset any expenses for severe health conditions.

Here are a few pet insurance monthly premiums to compare.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Petplan Insurance$20-$70$45
Nationwide Pet Insurance$10-$35$22.50
ASPCA Pet Insurance$25-58$30

Pet Supplies

Yorkies are relatively low maintenance when it comes to their supply needs.

They need the same basic things all dogs need, just in smaller sizes since they are petite.

You’ll want to make sure your Yorkie has food and water bowls, a collar, leash, poop bags for walks, chew toys, and a kennel.

To enrich you and your Yorkie’s lifestyle, you can buy some optional supplies such as dog beds and blankets for around the house, a pooper scooper for walks and in the yard, and treats to reward good behavior.


The below-listed items are a necessity for your Yorkie to thrive.

They shouldn’t be monthly purchases. However, things are often broken or chewed up, so expect to repurchase them annually.

You’ll probably purchase a chew toy once every other month.

When applicable, be sure to purchase the proper size since your Yorkie is a small dog.

You want to make sure the food and water bowls match the amount of food your Yorkie needs.

It’s also crucial that your kennel is for a small dog, so your Yorkie feels safe and comfortable when inside.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Food and Water Bowls$10.99-$12.98$1.02
Chew Toys$5.09-$14.99$4.04
Poop Bags$9.64-$16.99$5.60


You can purchase some items for your Yorkie to enhance both of your lives.

A pooper scooper, for instance, is a one-time purchase that makes picking up poop less of a hassle.

Dog beds and blankets allow your pup to be comfy without being on your furniture.

One way to reward your Yorkie is to offer specialty treats. Finally, many Yorkie parents buy a harness to help make walks easy.

All of these, except the treats, are one-time purchases that you may have to replace occasionally.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Pooper Scooper$14.99-$21.99$1.58
Dog Beds$16.99-$31.79$1.91
Dog Blankets$9.99-$16.97$1.11
Treats$5.99-$15.99 per bag$3.42

Additional Costs

If you decide that a Yorkie is the best fit for your family, you should consider some other additional costs.

These costs aren’t a necessity, but they often come into play.

Some of these optional purchases are services or products that you may need from time to time, depending on your vacation and work schedule.

One optional expense, the microchip, may be required in your state.

Check with your veterinarian and your state’s laws to determine if this is necessary.

Dog Walker

Depending on your schedule, you may have to hire a dog walker to ensure your Yorkie receives the proper care and exercise.

There are several different routes you can take when hiring a dog walker. 

Rover is an excellent resource that allows you to hire a dog walker online. Alternatively, you could pay your neighbor to walk your Yorkie while you’re gone.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Dog Walker$10-$25 per walk$92 for 5 walks a month

Daycare or Dog Sitting

Doggie daycare or dog sitting has a wide range of costs. Like dog walking, there are a lot of options.

You can choose between having your neighbor watch your dog, hiring someone off of Rover, or dropping your dog off at one of your local doggie daycares.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Daycare or Dog Sitting$25-$65 per day$208 for 5 days a month

Dog Hotel

Dog hotels are similar to daycares, except they’re usually overnight.

You’ll want to check with your local dog hotels to see their rates, but they often start between twenty to eighty-five dollars per night.

Your vet may offer a dog hotel service.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Dog Hotel$20-$85 per night$241.67 for 5 nights a month


Training your Yorkie is an optional expense but well worth the time and cost. If you take your Yorkie to a professional trainer, you’re investing in your and your Yorkie’s long-term relationship.

Many pet stores offer training services. You can also choose to have private sessions with a dog trainer.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Training Class$18-$25 per class$75-$100 per month
One-on-one Training$100-$400 per class$400-$800 per month


Having your Yorkie microchipped is an excellent idea to protect your Yorkie, especially if they are ever lost.

This optional expense is required in many states.

It’s good to check with your vet on your state’s laws and their recommendations.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Microchip$25-$50One time purchase average $38.33

Monthly Budget of Owning a Yorkie

Yorkies are moderately expensive dogs to own. However, the costs vary depending on your preferences for your Yorkie’s appearance and your particular Yorkie’s health condition.

If you choose to care for your Yorkie’s grooming and hygiene at home and stick to the necessary purchases only, owning a Yorkie will likely fit into your budget.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Multivitamins$14.99-$35.99 per container$12.62
Shampoo$6.17-$13.43 per bottle$1.50
Flea and tick Shampoo$8-$14.99$1.90
Hair Detangler Spray$10.99-$12.50$3.95
Ear wipes$9.99-$16.97$1.14
Eye wipes$10-$18.11$1.10
Heartworm Medication$10-12$11
Flea and Tick Treatment$26.97-$72 per package$9 per month
Routine Vet Checkup$12-$150$58.33
Vaccines$15-$28 per vaccine$12.33
Chew Toys$5.09-$14.99$4.04
Poop Bags$9.64-$16.99$5.60
Total Average Monthly ExpensesN/A$180.46


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