19+ Monthly Expenses of Owning an English Bulldog

Written by Dr. Marcelle Landestoy, DVM

English bulldog on the grass

A dog is an excellent companion, and owning one can help relieve stress, anxiety and even act as playmates for your little ones.

But with so many breeds out there, it can be challenging to make an informed choice without understanding the costs involved.

So, is it expensive to own an English Bulldog?

It is expensive to own an English bulldog. Save for the high puppy costs, owning an English bulldog attracts high monthly costs from food and supplementation, grooming, training, pet supplies, medical expenses, insurance, and vaccinations. These add up to approximately $740 per month. 

I will detail the costs of owning an English bulldog.

So, if you’re considering getting a bulldog, I recommend reading on for a comprehensive guide on the associated costs. 

Food and Supplements

The Bulldog is a muscular, hefty dog. Due to their size, these dogs have quite an appetite.

I recommend feeding your dog a mixture of dry and wet food.

Preferably, create a feeding plan that allows you to mix these foods daily so that your dog benefits from both meal options. 

Dry foods encourage dogs to chew, promoting their dental health, while wet foods are high in moisture, which helps keep them hydrated. 

Wet foods will also come in handy if your dog is a picky eater.

It’s vital to strike a balance because while English bulldogs are not known to be picky eaters, they can become picky if you get them accustomed to snacks or wet foods. 

They are also prone to food allergies.

This means that you may need to add some fish oils, glucosamine, and chondroitin to help minimize food allergies and promote good joint health.

If you suspect that your dog may have a food allergy, don’t hesitate to take them to a licensed veterinarian.

English bulldog laid down

One of the main tell-tales that your dog has a food allergy is when they seem to have digestive problems or stop eating well.

Proper supplementation is also crucial for your dog’s overall health and growth.

Your Bulldog requires vitamin supplements to ensure they’re getting enough vitamins.

Most commercial diet options have vitamin supplements, so your supplementation decision will ultimately be guided by which vitamins your dog is missing, based on your veterinarian’s examination.

Your pup also needs omega oils. These oils help boost their immune systems while enhancing joint, skin, and cognitive health. 

A standard-sized cup of dog food is approximately 5 ounces.

Below is a breakdown of the food and supplement requirements for an English bulldog at the different stages of development.


English bulldog puppies should be fed three times a day, at regular schedules. 

Depending on your puppy’s age, you should feed your puppy a third of a cup three times a day (one cup of dry dog food per day) until your puppy is six months, and then half a cup twice a day from seven to twelve months.

This adds up to approximately 140 pounds of dry food during the first year.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Dry kibble$100 to $200 annually$25
Table 1: Food consumption costs for an English bulldog puppy


You should feed your adult dog twice a day for optimal growth and development. 

An adult bulldog consumes between 200 lbs and 300 lbs of dry dog food every year.

This equates to approximately $120 to $400 for the entire year.

The monthly costs are summarized below.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Dry dog food$120 to $400 annually$44
Table 2: Average monthly costs for dry food consumption for an adult English bulldog


A senior English bulldog consumes approximately one pound of food per day.

Therefore, a senior dog will consume roughly the same amount as an adult.

Here’s a table for reference:

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Dry dog food$120 to $400 annually$44
Table 3: Average monthly costs for dry food consumption for a senior English bulldog

Grooming and Hygiene

An English bulldog requires regular grooming and bathing because they’re smooth-coated breeds.

Therefore, regular grooming and bathing are critical to maintaining their healthy skin and coat while also helping to get rid of excess loose coats or dirt. 

Grooming and bathing frequency will largely depend on your Bulldog’s lifestyle.

This will also depend on whether you elect to groom and bath your dog yourself or pay a dog groomer to handle this task. 

Before searching for a grooming surface, it’s essential to note that you can easily groom your dog from the comfort of your own home because their coat is easy to maintain. 

I recommend grooming your dog at least six times annually.

If you choose to do the grooming yourself, your total costs will primarily relate to the cost of grooming products you’ll need to buy.

The possible grooming products (all from Amazon.com) and costs are summarized in the table below:

ProductCost (Average Cost)
TropiClean Dog Shampoo$11.99
Richard’s Organics Flea and Tick Shampoo$8
Fifth & Fido Large Dog Nail Clippers$15
Honeydew Dog Deodorizing Spray$12
Flying Pawfect Pet Slicker Brush$25
Poodle Pet Dematting Fur Rake Comb$14
Pat Your Pet Deshedding Brush$18
Liren Dog Grooming Scissors Kit$13
Oneisall Dog Clippers$36
Hawatour Nail Clippers Set$10
Quuwnns Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush$14
Table 4: Summary of necessary equipment for grooming your English bulldog at home

As evident in the table above, you only need to spend a couple of hundred dollars to purchase most, if not everything, that you need to groom your pup at home. 

The cost of professionally grooming your Bulldog varies from around $40 to $75, depending on your dog’s size, health and stage of development, temperament, coat condition, and the services you select. 

Your annual grooming fees will thus be around $240 to $450. 

The table below shows the average costs of some of the popular dog grooming services to give you a rough idea of the costs associated with this option: 

Service ProviderCosts
Tucker Pups$40 – $45
The Wolf Room$35 – $45
Petco$47 – $57
Average$41 – $49
Table 5: Price comparison for different English bulldog grooming service providers

So, how much should you expect to spend in total for dog grooming? I’ll summarize these costs below:

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Professional Grooming Services$41-49 $45
Table 6: Summary of average monthly costs for professional grooming services

Still, it’s essential to note that you can select the type and number of grooming services for your pup.

Remember, these figures are not set in stone.

Accordingly, let us detail some of the individual costs associated with these grooming services. 


It would help if you bathe your dog at least once every week to ensure that their coat and skin stay healthy.

Like in grooming, you can wash your dog from the comfort of your home or hire a professional. 

If you decide to bathe your dog at home, you’ll require some bathing supplies.

Based on the table above on grooming supplies, you can get a shampoo and conditioner, brush, spritz, and other bathing supplies for under $50.

The table below shows the costs associated with professional bathing services.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Professional bathing$30-35  (multiply by 4X a week)$120 to $140
Table 7: Average only costs for English bulldog professional bathing service

If you hire professionals to bathe your Bulldog once every week, you’ll spend $120 to $140 on professional cleaning services every month.

Nail Trimming 

It would help if you trimmed your Bulldog’s nails every two weeks.

You should trim their nails twice every month, using a nail cutter or trimmer.

This is important because long nails can significantly impede their movement and may result in paw and/or joint pains. 

The table below summarizes the cost of hiring a nail trimmer to cut your dog’s nails. 

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Professional nail clipping$7-$20  (multiply by 2X a week)$14 to $40
Table 8: Summary of professional nail clipping service for English bulldogs

Hair Care and Trimming

English bulldogs don’t need any special hair care. In fact, you don’t need to trim their hair at all.

This is because an English bulldog’s hair doesn’t grow past a certain length and is therefore not a significant concern. 

Because they tend to have a short, smooth and fine coat, you should only trim their hair on a registered veterinarian’s directions, typically responding to health issues. 

Dental Care

Like most other aspects of grooming, you can take care of your dog’s dental health from the comfort of your home, ensuring that you brush their teeth regularly.

However, if your dog has cavities or exhibits other dental issues, you should consult a veterinarian right away. 

You should brush your dog’s teeth at least two to three times a week to prevent dental diseases which may result in tooth loss or painful, swollen gums.

However, for professional dental services, consider the following costs.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost
Professional dental care$300 to 700 (multiplied by 2X a week)$50 to $118
Table 9: Professional dental care monthly costs

Professional dental cleaning services will vary by region and the service provider.

However, these costs will range from about $300 and $700 for comprehensive dental cleaning. 

The good news is that this doesn’t have to be regular.

I recommend taking your dog for professional dental care services at least twice a year.

Remember that English bulldogs are susceptible to periodontal diseases and thus require more frequent professional cleaning.

Veterinary Care

English bulldogs are susceptible to numerous health problems, including dental issues, distemper, rabies, heartworm, and parvo. 

Accordingly, it’s essential to schedule regular visits to the veterinarian from an early age.

Some of these health issues can easily be solved through vaccination, while others may be arrested when diagnosed early enough.

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost (Rounded figures)
Medical expenses$380 to $800 (annually)$50
Exam and vaccinations $450 to $600 (4 sets per year at $150 each)$90
Fecal test45 (twice a year)$7
Heartworm prevention$10$10
Flea and ticks$25$25
Monthly Average$180
Table 10: Summary of medical expenses associated with an English bulldog

The average monthly costs associated with veterinary fees amount to approximately $180 to $200. 

Checkups and Vaccines

The frequency of vet visits for your pup will depend on several factors, including their age and whether or not your dog has any chronic health conditions.


You should take them for DHPP vaccines when they’re 10 to 12 weeks old.

This shot fights parvovirus, parainfluenza, distemper, and hepatitis. 

The average cost of vaccinating a puppy is between $75 to $100.


Even when your English bulldog becomes an adult, I recommend taking them to the vet at least once a year. 

Pay keen attention to taking your dog for regular medical visits three to four times every year. 

To prevent fleas, I recommend taking your Bulldog to the vet at least once a month for spraying from when they are a puppy to adulthood.

As the first year of a puppy’s life will be the most expensive in terms of vaccinations, you won’t spend as much on vaccines for your adult dog.

After the first year, expect to spend around $10 to $100 annually. The pricing varies depending on the vaccinations needed.


You also need to regularly take your English Bulldog to the vet once they turn eight.

Bulldog on the living room

As they’re considered a senior dog at this point, and senior dogs are more prone to health problems, I recommend two visits every year to help monitor their health and check for any possible issues.

Just like with adult dogs, expect to spend $10 to $100 on vaccines every year, depending on what your senior dog needs.


Getting pet insurance is very important and can save you a lot of money during unexpected medical emergencies or if your dog is involved in an accident. 

Remember, purebred dogs tend to be at higher risk of disorders and health conditions than regular dogs, so getting pet insurance for your English Bulldog makes sense. 

Pet insurance will typically cover veterinary-related bills, including costs of vaccines, injury from accidents, examinations, preventive medicine, annual wellness exams, screening, and flea and tick medication. 

However, it’s important to discuss any costs that the policy may not cover with your insurer. 

The table below compares the monthly fees from some popular pet insurance companies.

CompanyMonthly Cost ($)Annual benefit ($)
Table 11: Summary of comparative costs offered by competing pet insurers

Pet Supplies

When computing the total cost of owning an English Bulldog, you also have to include the cost of feeding supplies, collars, leashes, poop bags, kennels, water bowls, and others. 

These costs are summarized in the table below:

ItemRangeAverage annual Cost
Dog collars (pair)$10 to $50$20
Food and water bowls$10 to $50$20
ID tag$5 to $20$10
Leash$5 to $20$10
Poop bags$10 to $100$60
Dog toys$20 to $100$50
First aid kit$15 to $60$30
Dog crate$30 to $120$80
Dog food$100 to $360$200
Treats$100 to $300$200
Total annual cost$680
Total monthly Cost$57
Table 12: Costs of assorted pet supplies for English bulldogs

You’ll spend approximately $700 per year on these pet supplies, which totals around $60 every month. 

Necessary Supplies

English bulldogs are a highly active dog breed. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that you provide your dog with enough toys and treats to keep them happy and healthy, which I’ve included in the table above.

While some pet parents might view chew toys as optional, they’re necessary to your English bulldog’s comfort and overall health, as they promote dental health, keep jaws strong, and combat boredom.


To optimize your dog’s comfort, consider purchasing optional items such as dog beds or blankets.

While your dog doesn’t need them, they will be well pleased if you make them available. 

An inexpensive yet comfortable dog bed option is The PUPPBUDD Pet Dog Bed (available on Amazon.com).

This dog bed is made with quality material and offers head and neck support for your pup.

A relatively cheap dog blanket, such as the Softan Pet Blanket (available on Amazon.com), is also an excellent purchase to make for your pup.

This blanket, in particular, comes in a cute design and will keep your dog warm and cozy.

These purchases will increase your cost by approximately $80 on average. 

Additional Costs

English bulldog with a leash

In addition to the costs mentioned above, other costs are associated with an English bulldog, which are not fixed. 

However, despite being variable, these costs will impact the cumulative costs of raising these dogs and should be considered when making decisions.

For instance, if you choose to go on vacation, you have to incur additional costs for professional services rendered to your dog in your absence.

These costs can also come to play when you have a busy schedule or emergency that requires you to be away for a while or when you need to resolve some behavioral issues affecting your pet.

These costs include the following: 

Dog Walker

English bulldogs are surprisingly very active animals. Therefore, your dog is at a high risk of becoming obese if they’re not walked regularly.

Accordingly, you have to factor in the costs of a dog walker if you plan to take a vacation or some time away from home. 

A dog walker will typically charge you from $30 to $25 per hour for a 30-minute walk.

An English bulldog will require about an hour of regular walks each day, which will increase this cost from $20 to $50. 

This equates to between $930 to $1,550 per month. 

Daycare or Dog Sitting

The cost of daycare will depend on the frequency of care, your dog’s stage of development, and how long you will leave your dog at the daycare.

A review of most dog daycare service providers from Rover shows that most sitters will charge between $30 to $40 per day.

english bulldog looking at te camera

This may vary depending on the age and size of your pup. 

If you decide to take your dog to a daycare, you stand to spend about $930 to $1,240 on daycare per month. 

Dog Hotel

While you can spend as low as $25 a day for doggy daycare, dog hotels tend to be pricier.

If you elect to book a hotel for your dog, you stand to spend $75 a night on average.

However, that will depend on your location. You may also be able to secure some discounts depending on the length of stay.


Expect to spend between $900 to $1,200 per year training your English bulldog puppy.

This averages at about $1,050 per year and will depend on your pet’s age, size, and whether or not they have any behavioral issues. 

This means that you may spend around $100 a month to train your pup. 


A microchip is an effective solution to help identify your dog. It’s also a matter of preference.

The good news is that these chips are relatively inexpensive and cost between $25 to $50 on average. 

Because these chips will be implanted under your dog’s skin, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to change them regularly. This, therefore, tends to be a one-off purchase. 

Monthly Budget

The table below summarizes the monthly costs of owning an English bulldog. 

ItemRangeAverage Monthly Cost (Rounded Figures)
Puppy purchasing price$1,500 to $4,000 N/A
Food and supplementation$25 to $50$40
Grooming$40 to $75$45
Grooming Equipment$150 to $200$180 one time purchase
Dental care$50 to $120$84
Veterinary Care$150 to $200$180
Insurance$50 to $90$70
Pet Supplies $40 to $100$60
Optional Supplies$50 to $100$80
Total Monthly Expenses$740
Table 13: Summary of monthly costs of owning an English bulldog

The average monthly expenses of raising an English bulldog are approximately $740, which equates to just under $9,000 per year.

When you add the cost of the puppy or dog, the annual total cost of owning this dog breed goes well above $10,000, making English bulldogs one of the most expensive dog breeds to purchase and own. 


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